The Rhymes of A Motor Launch by Gordon S. Maxwell

Shortly after the end of the war, December of 1918, Gordon S Maxwell (an RNVR Lieutenant in command of ML 314) published a small book which collected together bits and pieces of rhymes, verse, poetry and brief commentary he'd composed during the course of his service and, more interestingly, which were presented in public during what became known as the "Zeebrugge Concert" on April 21st, 1918, two nights before the famous St George's Day raids on Zeebrugge and Ostend. Months later there was much clamour amongst his fellow ML officers to compile the verses presented that evening and the result was The Rhymes of A Motor Launch—or, to be more precise, The Rhymes of Amot Orlaunch, a nod to Omar Khayyam.

In the book Maxwell notes:
This little book is published maily as an outcome of numerous requests for copies of its contents, many of which were sung or recited at the "Zeebrugge Concert" in the ward-room of H.M.S. Arrogant at Dover the night before we went into action; when the amusement the verses caused to those who knew that in a few hours they were to set fourth to throw the dice with Death was the best compliment they have ever had. They were again given, by special request, at the Concert on Zeebrugge Mole on the now historic November 11th.

Written at odd moments on patrol during the last three years, it is hoped that they will appeal to all those who go down to the sea in ML's, and to any others who may take an interest in our doings.


HMML 314
December, 1918.

The Rhymes of Amot Orlaunch

The "Zeebrugge Concert" Program
The Rhymes of Amot Orlaunch
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The Rhymes of Amot Orlaunch